Implementation Process

For a company of strength~ 300, GroSum account implementation takes approx 10 calendar days*.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Organization Data Setup

Data Type Description
Location(s) All locations where employees are based.
Currency Currencies used in different geographic locations for compensation.
Departments Functional organizational units.
Designations Designations for employees.
Compensation Templates With Compensation heads & rules for calculations

Step 2: Employee Data Setup

Data Type Description
Employee Data GroSum Support team will provide with data format based on inputs from Step 1. Typical fields include Employee name, designation, email id.
Reviewer Data Managers/Supervisors with weightage for each employee.
Moderator Data All the moderator(s)/business heads for each employee, who may moderate or audit a review.

Step 3: Goals/KRAs & Review Forms Setup

Data Type Description
Category Type of Performance Measure/ Attributes. Example: Goals/Competency/KRA
Goals/KRAs Performance measures for each category of evaluation
Review Templates Grouping of goals/KRAs to be used to evaluate an employee profile. E.g. Project Management, Business Analyst, Recruiter etc
Rating Scales Details of Rating Scales to be administered to evaluate performance measures during reviews.
Review Forms Different sections of review forms to cover other inputs like Development, Transfer & Promotion etc

The following is a graphical representation of a typical GroSum implementation & the key activities there in with timelines.


After configuration & data setup, GroSum team will help you organize your first Review. You will have to provide data with sample info as below:

  1. Review Period
  2. Review Cycle
  3. Departments going under Review
  4. Components of Performance Review
  5. Process Flow

* Note: The estimated number of days is based on data provided by the client. GroSum will not be responsible for data error and cleaning.

Data has to be provided in GroSum support team provided Spreadsheets, as per defined format in them.