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    Running Multiple Multi-Review System

    Problems: The client was facing the following problems and wanted to resolve them quickly-


    • The client had a very complicated system of multiple multi-review cycles and they wanted a solution to be able to accommodate their process entirely without compromising on any aspect of their process. 
    • They wanted easy tracking and access to all of these review systems so that effective measures can be taken offline by the HR Department.
    • They wanted detailed reporting and analysis of every aspect of the employees’ performance to effectively conduct the succession planning.

    Solution: GroSum helped the client with fulfilling their processes by providing them with the following solutions-

    • Facilitating the client to set up multiple multiple review cycles and each review cycle consisting of multiple reviews.
    • Provided comprehensive reports and enabled them to filter them according to their need basis reviewer, manager, department, designation etc.
    • The analytics module helped the client to get thorough analysis and slicing & dicing of the performance of the employees. The analytics module helped the client to identify the top-performing employees, their hidden strengths, developmental opportunities and blind spots.
    • GroSum’s Review Status feature helped the client to track the progress of all their employees.



    How GroSum helped the client- 


    • The client wanted a separate performance review cycle for each of their functional departments. Each of the departments again had 2 types of review cycles going on for the – first, monthly review cycle and the other one was a mid-year review cycle. And an annual review cycle applicable to the entire organization. They had seven departments for which they were running the program, so in total there were 15 review cycles that were going on for the time period of one business year. 
    • Both the monthly and the mid-year review cycles for each of the departments have different goals and those goals were top-down so basically, they were set by the managers and the employees had no say in them. On the other hand, the goals for the annual review cycle which was common to all were preset with help of GroSum’s templates and the client also wanted the employees to take part in the goal settings that is add their own goals and review the goals the managers set before closing the goal-setting stage. Since GroSum has a customizable process flow, the client was able to set different processes around goal settings for each of their review cycle depending on their departmental need. 
    • To manage so many review cycles going on simultaneously, the client required a real-time status update for each of the cycles and real-time analytics to get a snapshot of how things are faring. With GroSum’s feature called Review Status, the clients were able to keep a track of all the reviews, which employees are at what stage of the review and what is the status of their stage – whether they have started, not started or completed it. 
    • GroSum’s comprehensive reporting and analysis module sliced and diced their employees’ performance. They could identify the areas where the employees had the strength and performing well and where they needed developmental opportunities and what their blind spots were. Using GroSum’s 9-box matrix, the client could effectively understand which employees are standing in what position in the organization which contributed majorly to their effective succession planning.



    Conclusion: The client had a complicated process and did not want to compromise on their process as they shouldn’t. GroSum was able to provide them with the features and flexibility at an affordable rate to accommodate their entire process and run all these review cycles without any hiccups.

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