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    In today’s world, Performance Management is a relevant topic that has a greater demand while evolving on a day-to-day basis with changing market scenarios.

    GroSum is solely focused on Employee Performance Management and it’s unique solution brings a real difference to organizations in evaluating their employees’ performance.


    GroSum’s Uniqueness

    • Our solution is very simple and lean at a very affordable price and it requires little to no-hand-holding only for the admin.
    • We offer a low total cost of ownership to our potential client base.
    • We have been chosen over SAP/Oracle and Microsoft because of our rich features within an affordable price range.
    • We are flexible to cater to any business size. Be it small, medium or large scale our solution can meet the requirements of any organization.
    • With our quick implementations and evolving features, GroSum is always relevant in the market.
    • We are a Customer First company and our dedicated customer support team is a real differentiator to both our partners and clients and is always available whenever in need.

    Why Partner With Us?

    • We are flexible in our commercial relationship with our partners. We work on commission based and transfer pricing models. Our partners have the liberty to choose their commercial model on requirement basis or deal basis.
    • Our partnerships are built on a foundation of trust and transparency. What you see is what you get and what is decided collaboratively is what is put into action. 
    • Our Partners can choose to add their consulting services with our solution to offer it to their clients.
    • Our Partners get unprecedented sales & marketing support from us to increase the winnability of their deals with clients. We offer collaborative content-based client engagement activities like – Top-Talk Interviews, Webinars and YouTube/Facebook/LinkedIn LIVE events to enhance the reach of our businesses.

    Let’s Partner for a Win-Win relationship