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    GroSum integrates with your existing tools to provide a seamless experience for your HRs and your workforce. Integration has proven that the employees exhibit better performance and productivity owing to uninterrupted workflow. You can integrate GroSum with different communication tools, HRIS tools, Project Management tools and much more.

    Types of Integration GroSum Provides:  The data integration can be done through API calls. We provide ‘rest APIs’ where the 3rd party software can call these APIs to push data into GroSum or it can be a more customized integration where we work with your technical team to identify the data sources and determine the schedule of sourcing the data from 3rd party software and then build custom integration interfaces to pull data into GroSum. GroSum provides 3 types of Integration –



    1) Push – This is where the data that is generated in GroSum gets pushed into other software. So, all the performance data or increment recommendations can be pushed to 3rd party software.

    2) Pull – It is a case where the masters are created and maintained in some other system and they are sourced from that software and pulled into GroSum.

    3) SSO – This allows GroSum to integrate with software where employees log into that network, they are automatically logged into GroSum’s account. So, that software’s ID is mapped to the user ID of GroSum; so just by logging into the network, they can log into GroSum.

    Let us see how your employees can maintain their workflow with the help of GroSum Integration.

    1. Collaboration Integration: Increase your employee collaboration with the help GroSum integration with the following tools:



    Share feedback, have 1:1s, recognize performance, do goals check-ins and much more without leaving Slack.



    Send and Receive 1:1s, Check-ins with your managers via emails, and use integrated chats.

    MS Teams
    Microsoft Teams


    From the MS Conversations, do check-ins, have 1:1s etc and much more.

    2. SSO Integration: Forget about remembering multiple passwords to log in to different tools. With GroSum’s SSO integration, you will be able to use the solution as and when you sign in to your Google, MSOutlook Account or Microsoft Active Directory.

    Microsoft Outlook
    Microsoft Outlook
    Microsoft Active Directory
    Microsoft Active Directory

    3. HRIS: Make smarter planning decisions with performance, compensation, and demographic information all in GroSum. Integrate your HRIS with GroSum to save time with seamless data syncing and make your workforce management smoother and more effective.

    ZOHO People 


    ZOHO People is a centralized tool for managing the human resources in an organization. This tool helps track the attendance, leaves, etc. Integrate Zoho with GroSum to ease the exchange of data between the tools.



    GroSum is integrable with SAP ERP. Any data relevant to GroSum can be pulled from SAP by GroSum, similarly, the performance data and reports from GroSum can be pushed into SAP software with the help of our APIs.



    Integrate Oracle Database with GroSum. Any employee data or other process data can be exchanged effectively between the tools.



    ADP offers online payroll and HR solutions. Integrating ADP with GroSum will ensure effective data syncing between the tools.



    The ATS and other modules of BambooHR can be integrated.

    4. Data Integration: With GroSum’s APIs, you can push any data from GroSum to your tool or pull data from your tool to GroSum. With GroSum’s data integration any data related to tasks, your projects and key metrics can be exchanged


    Integrate JIRA with GroSum to exchange the data & reports related to projects and tasks.


    Integrate Hubspot with GroSum to exchange the data of your CRM with GroSum’s Performance Management Platform.


    Integrate Salesforce with GroSum to exchange all the sales-related data and reports.

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