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    Employee Pulse Surveys

    Pulse Surveys also known as Employee Engagement Surveys 360 is an immensely popular tool to understand every employee’s view and can anonymously provide inputs to aid the development of the organization.


    Incorporating the best practices of Pulse Survey, GroSum’s solution provides a platform for

    1. everyone that matters, within the company to give feedback,
    2. asking questions pertinent to categories that impact the organisation the most,
    3. survey anonymity,
    4. detailed analysis based on different parameters – employee location, band, department etc.

    Boosting performance for over 10 years, GroSum has identified & adopted your key needs on Employee Pulse Surveys to define the following critical commandments of our offering

    Key Features

    360 Degree Feedback Feature 1Survey responses can be sought from everyone in the organization

    Employees are the backbone of any organization, so each employee, from the very top to the very bottom of the hierarchy can take part in the survey.


    With GroSum, any number of employees can be invited to share their responses, and contribute to building more effective organizational improvement strategies.

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    360 Degree Feedback feature 2 Survey questions can be rating based as well as open-ended

    The best response is when participants are allowed both objective and subjective questions, thus a combination of this puts forth a clearer perspective on their responnses.


    With GroSum, attribute ratings, as well as open ended questions, can be designed as part of the questionnaire to the giver.

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    360 Degree Feedback feature 3 In-depth Survey response analysis

    Responses should be analyzed in-depth to provide rich, actionable insights to the organization.


    With GroSum, personalized Pulse survey reports and detailed analysis of responses based on categories, location, department, band, and designation, are available out of the box along with an overview summary of the response trends.

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    Power your Employee Pulse/ Engagement Survey with GroSum