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    Setting Extra Miles Goals

    Problem: The situation that the client wanted to be addressed in their Performance Management Solution is-


    • The client wanted the employees to set the special middle of year special out of the box goals. 
    • They wanted these goals to be evaluated as an additional weightage to the usual evaluation weights. 
    • The client wanted to set a different eating scale criteria for this special category of goals. 

    Solution: GroSum supported all of the clients need with its unique feature. Following are the features that supported the client-


    • Extra Miles Category to set out of the box goals
    • Setting weightage to this category for evaluation beyond the initial level
    • Ability to set different rating scales for different categories
    • Reports and dashboard to keep a track of how employees are progressing and downloading for offline reference



    How GroSum helped the client: 


    • The client wanted to have a special category of goals where they wanted the employees to set out of the box goals in the middle of the year. They did not want the rest of the goals to be affected by these extra goals. Rather they wanted it to be calculated differently. 
    • GroSum has a feature called Extra Miles where a category can be made Extra Miles category. The feature is unique because it lets the client set their usual goals and sign off without setting any goals in the extra Miles category at the beginning of the goal settings stage. The goals can be set any time of the year. 
    • As demanded by the process, separate weightage can be set to this category – 10,20,30 and so on and the calculation will be done basis on that. 
    • GroSum’s extra miles feature also allow clients to make any goal an extra mile goal in a preexisting category. This will give an extra boost to the employee in their existing evaluation criteria. 
    • The client wanted to set a different rating scale for the extra Miles category goals – their usual categories are evaluated on a 5 point scale whereas they wanted a 4 point rating scale for the said category. In GroSum, different rating scales can be created and set for different categories and each of the ratings can have a description. 
    • GroSum’s comprehensive reporting modules enabled the client to keep track of all its employees and all the goals that have been set by both the managers and the employees along with a detailed report on overall rating, any developmental needs thus identified and preparing the employees for succession planning with the help of the 9-box matrix evaluation.



    Conclusion: Identifying the efforts of the employees is a step towards building a trusting and accountable workforce, by setting extra Miles categories where out of the box goals can be set, the company is not only encouraging the employees to stretch their goals but also to take accountability for them. GroSum with its features fully supports such rewarding initiatives.

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