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    Goals & OKRs

    Clearly defined Objectives and Key Results are the foundation of successful employee engagement and performance. After all, Google, GE, LinkedIn, and other leading organizations have adopted the OKR framework.


    Incorporating the best practices of OKR, GroSum’s goal management solution helps everyone

    1. set own and view others’ goals,
    2. link to peer’s OKRs,
    3. track progress with regular updates
    4. engage through feedback and conversations with colleagues
    5. reflect and plan forward through frequent check-ins


    Boosting performance for over 10 years, GroSum has identified & adopted your key needs on managing goals to define the following critical commandments of our offering

    Key Features

    Goal & OKRs Feature 1Objectives be defined by Key Results

    Once clear objectives are set, the most important thing to do is define how each of these will be measured for performance.


    With GroSum OKR, for each objective, distinct key results can be defined that are measurable by clear targets and prioritized by weightage to set the parameters for performance.

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    Goals & OKRs Feature 2 OKRs be directly linked to Manager/peer’s key objectives

    A key driver of employee engagement is clarity on how an employee’s contribution directly impacts company success.


    With GroSum OKR, employees’ OKRs can be directly linked to Manager’s objectives that helps in building awareness of the importance of individual contribution.

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    Goals & OKRs Feature 3 Key Results be measurable with clear targets

    Key Results define how performance of an objective will be measured. Thus, key results should have clear set targets.


    With GroSum OKR, employees’  key results can be set targets and weightages – thus clearly setting out how performance will be measured.

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    Goals & OKRs Feature 4 Key Results be tracked for progress through regular Check-Ins

    Tracking progress through regular self assessment helps maintain focus on key results and thus prioritize daily tasks.


    With GroSum OKRs, employees can check-in on progress and reflect on key challenges faced, achievements and plan for better future outcomes.

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    Goals & OKRs Feature 5 OKRs be adapted according to changing business priorities

    In this fast moving world, business goals are dynamic. Thus, employee’s OKRs cannot be set in stone and need to reflect reality.


    With GroSum OKRs, employees have the flexibility to modify OKRs – stop, continue or start new objectives and key results aligned to business priorities.

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