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    Transition from an Outdated HRMS to GroSum

    Problems: The client was facing the following problems and wanted to resolve them quickly-


    • The client was using an outdated HRMS tool that had a performance management module among others.
    • They wanted to shift from traditional performance appraisal to quarterly performance reviews with continuous communication between managers and employees.
    • They wanted to automate their alerts & reminders.
    • They wanted a detailed report for all the stages and a thorough analysis based on the data generated.

    Solution: GroSum helped the client to implement-  


    • Quarterly performance reviews to replace a traditional appraisal 
    • Interim Check-ins, 1:1s and Real-time feedback to ensure continuous communication flow between managers, employees and team members.
    • Automatic email alerts and reminders system with an inbuilt email message editor.
    • Comprehensive reports and analysis to slice and dice the employee data and give meaningful insights to them that are easily downloadable and readable.



    How GroSum helped the client- 


    • With GroSum’s flexible process flow, the client was able to shift from one-way goals settings by managers to collaborative goal settings. They were able to accommodate out of the box goals set by employees to boost their final evaluation with the help of GroSum’s ‘Extra Miles’ feature. 
    • The client was able to facilitate continuous communication between employees and managers via GroSum’s interim Check-ins where employees could update their achievements, add remarks under different descriptors based on the situations they faced – wins, challenges etc., have 1:1s with their managers by adding different tags to the messages for easy filtering during evaluation, seek and give feedback from colleagues, peers and anyone in the organization. 
    • The client did not want ratings as a part of the evaluation for the first three quarters and only training and developmental needs identification for the said quarters. They wanted to have a year-end rating  GroSum was able to accommodate their requirement with the flexibility in configuring the review form.
    • The client could access all the past review data- goals and reviews, everything in one place.
    • With GroSum’s Plan & Schedule the client was able to schedule dates and reminders for each of their reviews so that their managers and employees are notified with email alerts that a particular process is open.



    Conclusion: GroSum with its unique flexibility was able to able to transform the performance management system of the client from traditional year-end appraisal with no feedback culture and communication between managers and employees throughout the year except the showtime to a modem, more transparent and aligned process with quarterly reviews, continuous communication, automated alerts to make the transition easy and effective.

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