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    360 Degree Feedback

    360 Degree Feedback is gaining in immense popularity as everyone’s view that matters can anonymously provide inputs to aid the development of the individual.


    Incorporating the best practices of 360 Degree Feedback, GroSum’s solution provides a platform for

    1. everyone that matters, both within and outside the company to give feedback,
    2. asking questions pertinent to the relationship between feedback giver and employee,
    3. feedback anonymity,
    4. detailed analysis by feedback giver type or assessment attributes


    Boosting performance for over 10 years, GroSum has identified & adoped your key needs on 360 Degree Feedback to define the following critical commandments of our offering

    Key Features

    360 Degree Feedback Feature 1360 Degree Feedback be sought from direct work collaborators, even external stakeholders

    The today’s employee works with multiple stakeholders, both within and outside the company, whose feedback should be considered.


    With GroSum, any number of stakeholder groups can be invited to give feedback, even providing for limits on the number of givers from each group.

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    360 Degree Feedback feature 2 Feedback be based on employee’s role & reviewer profile

    Generic feedback helps none, thus the best feedback is when the giver is asked questions that are pertinent to the work relationship with the employee.


    With GroSum, for each stakeholder group, different questionnnaires can be designed to make 360 Degree Feedback relevant and useful.

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    360 Degree Feedback feature 3 Feedback be ratings based and open ended

    The best feedback is when givers are allowed both objective and subjective evaluation, thus a combination of this puts forth a clearer perspective on the feedback.


    With GroSum, attribute ratings as well as open ended questions can be designed as part of the questionnaire to the giver.

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    360 Degree Feedback feature 4 360 Degree Feedback can be analysed in-depth for employee reflection

    Feedback should be analyzed in-depth to provide rich, actionable insights to both employee and the organization.


    With GroSum, personalized 360 Degree Feedback reports and detailed analysis – Johari Window, Greatest & Hidden Strengths, Blind Spots, Development Opportunities, are available out of box.

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    Power your 360 Degree Feedback program with GroSum