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    Fast Growing Start-Up

    “1. We are growing at a very fast rate.

    2. We are struggling to manage the performance of our growing workforce manually.

    3. We follow a performance management process but it is not automation.

    4. We want to make sure that the entire organization is aligned and engaged.

    5. We want to automate our process in a very short duration of time.”


    If you are a fast-growing start-up and any of the above statements resonate with you then look no further, GroSum got your back.


    Start smaller and grow your process, with GroSum’s specialised and comprehensive solution, it can support you in your path of evolution. Find out what GroSum can do for you!!

    Goal & OKRs Feature 1Set Goals Collaboratively

    Collaboration brings to the table accountability to achieve goals. Build your process to ensure accountability from your employees.


    In GroSum,


    • Goals can be set collaboratively by employees and managers.
    • Encourage employees to set out of the box extra miles goals to ensure their efforts are appreciated.
    • Set extra miles of the project goals category and assign an extra weightage for evaluation.
    • Set goal wise multiple managers.
    • Use templates to set department or designation wise common goals.
    • Download the finalised goal reports for offline reference.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 2 Engage your growing workforce

    Engaged employees are the top-performing employees. Engage your growing workforce no matter where they are working from.


    With GroSum, you can make sure engagement happens all throughout the year –


    • Check-Ins facilitate the easy updates of performance and progress.
    • Add remarks with different configurable descriptors- wins, challenges, red flags, achievement etc to keep managers informed about employees’ progress.
    • Schedule special check-ins for particular employees.
    • Discuss plans, failures, challenges with managers with the help of our inbuilt 1:1 messenger where the manager can filter conversations based on tags during the review.
    • Seek feedback for oneself or for someone else from anyone in the organization; give feedback to anyone in the organization even anonymously.
    • Enjoy the perks of real-time feedback and engagement.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 3   Identify Development Opportunities

    Continuous improvement is a key factor contributing to the success of the business. One of the major ways this can be brought about is by keeping a track of all developmental requirements that are identified throughout the process.


    • With GroSum’s Comprehensive Analytics, slice and dice employees’ performance. Identify areas where they need developmental interventions based on their low performances in certain goals as well as lack of competencies, their hidden strengths and blind spot.
    • Additionally during the review employees and managers can identify any developmental needs and training needs that the latter require.
    • 9-box matrix helps to ascertain the employees standing in the performance vs potential matrix and the data contribute to effective succession planning.
    • These data generated can be downloaded and ensured are well utilised by the HR department.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 4 Replace manual reminders with automatic alerts

    Manually reminding and notifying employees and managers is a hugely time-consuming activity that comes with the risk of probably missing someone out.


    With GroSum, you can say goodbye to the manual alerts and configure the system to generate alerts and reminders.


    • Get notified when the review cycle starts.
    • Notify the managers, employees and moderators for the beginning and sign-off of every stage – goal settings, self-review, review etc.
    • Customise email body as per the requirement with the help of our inbuilt editor by adding different placeholders.
    • Set reminders and frequency for the reminder based on which the emails will be automatically sent to those who have not completed their tasks or send a real-time reminder as well with GroSum’s Remind Now feature.
    • Keep a track of the status of stages with GroSum’s Review Status feature and download the report for offline references.


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