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    Remote Workers

    Do you have a dispersed workforce working remotely? Isn’t it always a hassle to keep them engaged?


    With GroSum, you can manage your remote workforce smoothly, keep them engaged and generate better performance results.


    Find out how GroSum can do that!

    Goal & OKRs Feature 1Create Transparency and Alignment

    Dispersed workforce working remotely might often feel the need for clarity on Goal Priority and how it is impacting the organization as a bigger picture.


    GroSum’s OKRs module fully supports the alignment and transparency of goals so that the employees feel connected to the organization, knowing how their efforts are contributing towards the strategic goal achievement.


    With GroSum, you can-


    • Set objective and multiple key results.
    • Add special tags to ensure correct identification of the goals.
    • Set due dates, how the achievement will be calculated.
    • Team members can view each other’s goals, thus ensuring transparency.
    • Scheduled check-ins with managers ensure that the managers and employees are on the same page even though working remotely.
    • Seeking and receiving feedback from team members and others in the organization ensures that the entire team is aligned and well connected and does not let distance be a barrier.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 2 Engage Your Remote Workers

    Engaged employees foster a high-performance culture in the company.


    With GroSum, indulge in real-time engagement with employees.


    • Formalise feedback by giving and receiving real-time feedback to and from anyone in the organization – peers, seniors, juniors etc.
    • Set feedback templates on which feedback can be given.
    • Ask for feedback from someone for someone else.
    • Maintain anonymity (if required) while giving feedback.
    • 1:1 discussion between managers and employees with tags for the messages under different scenario descriptors like wins, challenges, to ensure clarity of the purpose.
    • Download check-ins report for offline reference.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 3   Progress Check-ins

    Managers and employees being away from each other, check-ins form a common discussion thread between them where they can update their managers about their progress, get insights from them and progress better.


    With GroSum’s check-ins, you can-


    • Check-Ins facilitate the easy updates of performance and progress.
    • Add remarks with different configurable descriptors- wins, challenges, red flags, achievement etc to keep managers informed about employees’ progress.
    • Schedule check-ins or do a quick check-in to discuss & update the progress, achievement, challenges, with the employees.
    • Set questionnaire template to get a better insight into their work.
    • Schedule special check-ins for particular employees who might need special attention.
    • Download check-ins report for analysis of trends and performance.
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