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    Quick Implementation

    Problems: The client was facing the following problems and wanted to resolve them quickly-


    • The client had a very limited time frame for the implementation of a performance management system. 
    • Their decision for implementing a solution got pushed back a lot of times by the management. 
    • But they did not want to change the final date hence they were looking for a vendor who will meet all their process requirements and also implement the solution faster than anticipated. 



    GroSum’s team worked in close coordination with the client and was able to implement the solution in under 15 days



    How GroSum helped the client- 


    • GroSum made an assessment of the clients’ requirements in detail. 
    • To maintain the utmost accuracy, the client filled up a process questionnaire. 
    • The responses received from the client was followed by a telephonic conversation to ensure no points were missed as well as answering any queries that the client had. 
    • After the process was confirmed, the account for the client was created.
    • The client had all their data ready, so GroSum started out with the account setup.
    • The next step was uploading all the employee data. 
    • Next, the system was configured basis the process of the clients. 
    • After the set-up was completed, we trained the admin as they will handle the configurations at a later point. 
    • Post admin training, we made the system live for a group of end-users chosen by the client to make sure it was adapted well by them as a part of testing. Meanwhile, any minor changes that the client wanted was addressed and resolved. 
    • When everything was approved by the client, GroSum was made live for everyone and the system is up and running smoothly till now. 



    Conclusion: GroSum understands that business decisions are often pushed to the last moment leaving a very short time gap opened for the implementation process. And in such scenarios, the client hugely depends on our flexibility to get their things done. With our dedicated support and implementation team working tirelessly to bring your business objectives into action. So if you are process ready, we promise to deliver our objectives at the fastest rate possible.

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