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    A Fresh Start

    Are you still using the traditional pen and paper method for managing your employees’ performance?

    Is maintaining the data in Excel and Docs a big hassle for you?

    Are you willing to automate your process but not sure if you will get the solution flexibility and support you may require for the first time implementation of a solution?


    If you have any or all of the above questions, then you have come to the right place.


    GroSum’s specialised solution with comprehensive modules and easy to use interface is flexible to accommodate any process that you follow. Find out how GroSum can support you in your journey of automation.

    Goal & OKRs Feature 1Process Flexibility

    GroSum has the flexibility to accommodate any process that you follow, making the transition from excel/docs to GroSum the smoothest ride.


    • Configure your process flow in GroSum to adapt to your process simply by the toggle of a button.
    • Choose who will be involved in each stage of the performance review.
    • Have multiple reviews run simultaneously.
    • Choose your ideal frequency.
    • Plan Developmental Interventions and Trainings based on inputs provided by managers and employees.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 2 Reporting and Analysis made easy

    GroSum’s reports and analysis feature will be your best buddy in drilling down your people’s performances.


    • Download essential reports organization-wide, department wise, manager wise, designation wise or for anyone in specific.
    • Refer to the reports from the past reviews and goal settings for offline reference.
    • Analyse category based performance of the employees.
    • Identify their hidden strengths and blindspots.
    • Do successful succession planning based on GoSum’s 9-box matrix.
    • Download all the analysis reports for future reference.


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    Goals & OKRs Feature 3   Say Goodbye to Manual Reminders

    With GroSum, you can say goodbye to the manual alerts and configure the system to generate alerts and reminders.


    • Get notified when the review cycle starts.
    • Notify the managers, employees and moderators for the beginning and sign-off of every stage – goal settings, self-review, review etc.
    • Customise email body as per the requirement with the help of our inbuilt editor by adding different placeholders.
    • Set reminders and frequency for the reminder based on which the emails will be automatically sent to those who have not completed their tasks or send a real-time reminder as well with GroSum’s Remind Now feature.
    • Keep a track of the status of stages with GroSum’s Review Status feature and download the report for offline references.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 4 Support First

    GroSum takes pride in calling itself a Customer Support First Company.


    It is our promise to be there when you need us to drive prompt resolution of customer issues and ease of use.


    • Raising tickets for an issue can be simply done from the system itself. Your problem will be solved in the blink of an eye owing to our quick TAT.
    • Our representatives are always available for any assistance you need.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 5   Successful Adaptability to the End Users

    When you have been using traditional tools for managing employees performance, your fear of transitioning to automating the process is understandable regarding how your employees will adopt the change and make use of the solution.


    GroSum’s user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy for the end-users to use.


    • Every stage is self-explanatory with system generated alerts like errors, confirmations etc. to ensure that the users know what they have done wrong/right.
    • GroSum’s easy navigation makes it end-user ready right from the time of implementation, only a little to no admin hand-holding makes it good to go.
    • The availability of a knowledge base embedded in the systems makes it easier for both admins as well as end-users to easily complete their tasks.
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