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    Disengaged Employees

    “1. The managers share feedback with their employees during the appraisal.

    2. Managers and Employees are not on the same page regarding their work.

    3. Coworkers do not have constructive discussions.

    4. Managers aren’t aware of what employees are doing.

    5. Employees losing accountability because of lack of communication,”


    Do any of the above statements resonate with you? If yes, then look no further. GroSum brings to the table just what you want from your performance management system.


    Find out what GroSum can do for you!!

    Goal & OKRs Feature 1Create Alignment & Transparency

    GroSum’s OKRs module help you in bringing the alignment and transparency you aspire to achieve for your organization.


    With GroSum’s OKRs-


    • Set Objectives, add measurable as well as subjective Key Results with due dates of completion.
    • Add Organizational, departmental, team and individual tags.
    • View the objectives of all the other team members to establish transparency.
    • Align team goals with the organization and department goals.
    • Schedule check-ins conversation with reporters to evaluate their progress.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 2 Create a Culture of Feedback

    In the famous words of Mark Twain “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection”.


    The simple answer to the question of continuous improvement is Feedback. An organization encouraging and growing up a culture of feedback is the one that can face any challenge and overcome them.


    GroSum can be your partner in the journey of making Feedback a part of your culture. Engage your employees with GroSum’s Feedback platform.

    • Share real-time feedback with anyone in the organization, ensuring fair engagement with all groups.
    • Give feedback on any goal or behaviour.
    • Create and use feedback templates to give and receive feedback.
    • Give feedback to anyone anonymously.
    • Ask for feedback for yourself or for someone else.
    • Choose who can view the feedback.
    • Get a view of all the feedback exchanged during the performance review.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 3   Check-in to keep a track of progress

    Long gone are the days when the end of the year conversation was sufficient to keep the boat sailing.


    With changes in working scenarios, it is extremely important that managers and employees communicate to keep the progress bar increasing. GroSum solves this exact problem.


    With GroSum Check-ins-


    • Schedule conversation or check-in on a real-time basis.
    • Schedule special check-ins for particular employees that might need special attention.
    • Measure achievement progress for quantitative goals, add comments under different situational descriptors like wins, challenges, remarks etc.
    • Set Questionnaires (rating based and open-ended) for the check-ins communication.
    • Download reports for offline reference.
    • Generate automatic customized email alerts and reminders to complete the scheduled check-ins.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 4 1:1s between employees and managers

    With GroSum’s 1:1 feature, engage and encourage employees to have conversations with their managers.


    • Simple and easy to use messenger interface that makes receiving, sending and viewing messages easier.
    • Blue ticks to indicate if the message was read.
    • Facilitates addition of different tags to the messages like Achievement, Plans, Challenges etc helping the filtering of messages to have a more accurate review.
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