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    Performance Review

    It is true the days of the Annual Appraisal is over, but reviews cannot die. The now demands frequent, light-weight reviews as a holistic point-in-time open assessment of employee performance.


    Incorporating the best practices of Performance Review, GroSum’s solution provides a platform for employee and managers to conduct

    1. performance ratings,
    2. developmental discussions,
    3. promotion & transfer assessments,
    4. goal setting for next session,
    5. review moderation & normalization,
    6. acceptance of review


    Boosting performance for over 10 years, GroSum has identified & adoped your key needs on performance reviews to define the following critical commandments of our offering

    Key Features

    Performance Reviews Feature 1Reviews be scheduled regularly, annual appraisals are passé

    Reviews need to be more frequent than an annual evaluation to make it useful and actionable for employees and managers.


    With GroSum, reviews can be configured to be conducted half-yearly, quarterly or even on a monthly basis.

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    Performance Reviews Feature 2 All Managers be involved to give review inputs

    Employees are increasingly working in cross-functional teams with multiple supervisors. Thus reviews cannot be fair if it holds to a single reporting Manager perspective.


    With GroSum, multi-rater reviews can be configured with weightages for each Manager based on involvement.

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    Performance Reviews Feature 3 Ratings be directly linked to actual performance

    Employee ratings can no longer afford to be subjective, held at ransom to the whims of the Supervisor.


    With GroSum, rating scales can be configured with rules to award ratings based on target fulfilment of goals.

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    Performance Reviews Feature 4 Reviews be moderated by Seniors to avoid personal bias

    Reviews should be unbiased and unaffected by the fallouts of the Manager-employee ego conflict, thus needing the presence of an unbiased Senior to ensure fairness.


    With GroSum, multi-level Moderators can be assigned to a process that will oversee the fairness of ratings and assessment before finalizing the review.

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    Performance Reviews Feature 5 Review inputs be open for discussion and acceptance with employee

    The purpose of review is to aid the employee performance, thus everyone should be allowed a fair chance to express, agree or disagree to finally conclude.


    With GroSum, employees can be allowed the opportunity to disagree to the performance review and request for a reassessment, quite like a bilateral to and fro before agreement is reached.

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    Power comprehensive Performance Review with GroSum