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    Normalizing Employees’ Performance

    Problems: The client had the following requirements and wanted the solution to accommodate them-


    • They wanted to normalize their employees’ ratings. 
    • They wanted 2 levels of Normalization. 
    • They wanted to set the first level of normalizers based on the reviewers who were reviewing the employees – for example, if 20 employees were reviewed by X, they wanted Y to be their normalizer. 
    • They wanted HR to be able to normalize the performances of all the employees in the organization. 
    • They wanted all the participants in the process to receive prompt email alerts and reminders. 



    • GroSum had a normalization set-up, specifically for the client, GroSum created different combinations involved around normalization. 
    • GroSum gave an opportunity to the clients to set their own normalization curve limits. 
    • GroSum also gave automated recommendations to the normalizers and HRs to fit the employees into the curve they have decided. 
    • GroSum’s comprehensive email alerts and reminder module with an in-built message editor generated automatic process emails, scheduled emails and reminders for the participants of the review.



    How GroSum helped the client- 


    • The process started by determining the process flow that the client wanted. They wanted the flow to be like Goal Settings by Reviewers, Self Review, Review by the Reviewers, Normalization by Assigned Normalizer, HR Sign-off, Review Acceptance by the Employees. 
    • After the process flow was determined, the next task was to assign normalizers based on Reviewers who would normalize the performances of the group of employees for whom they were assigned and then the result will be passed down to the HR who would normalize the results for the entire organization and sign off. 
    • For each stage, the employees, managers, assigned normalizers were notified based on whom the stage was concerned, for example, the assigned normalizers were notified when they were assigned when the process is open for them and so on. 
    • During the normalization at each level, GroSum recommends the normalizers the ideal path or modification, however, the actual adjustments are to be done by the normalizer themselves best fit the curve that was previously configured in the system. 
    • After the normalizers had normalized, the process opened to the HR for sign off, and then opened to the employees for final acceptance. 





    Normalization is a process that is very difficult to accommodate and perfected by many solutions but GroSum over the years have not only perfected it but also found various process surrounding Normalization.

    Our client was very satisfied with the process that we customised for them surrounding the normalization and they were able to run the process smoothly. 

    So, if you have requirements for normalization and various specific process requirements among others, GroSum is there to assist you and take the journey towards building a high-performance culture in your organization.

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