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    360 Feedback Buyer’s Guide

    We at GroSum are firm believers that “Process is King“.

    Without a well defined and practically trialled process, a software tool cannot be expected to meet your needs.

    After all, bad processes lead to bad software outcomes and vice versa, good processes lead to good outcomes.

    So, our first step in helping you evaluate your needs is to check your readiness.

    Are you process ready? Must Haves
    Is the purpose of the 360 Feedback clear to employees & organization?
    Have you decided the attributes on which feedback will be sought?
    Are the different groups of feedback providers finalized?
    Have you defined the attribute rating scale & indicators for each rating point?
    Have you defined a framework for post feedback analysis?

    If you have answered “NO” to more than 1 question above, then chances are you still are not ready for a 360 Feedback solution yet.You should not go forward on this Buyer’s guide.

    360 Feedback tools will not help if the questionnaire is not designed properly linked to the aspects of behavioral or competency being assessed for development. Neither, can a software tool really help, if the generated feedback is not used to generate actionable insights for the participants.

    On the other hand, if you have answered YES to more than 80% of the questions, then we are happy to take this forward. The next step is to help you with setting expectations from 360 Feedback tools and the minimum criteria that should be met.

    What you need from 360 Feedback tools?

    Key Features Must Haves
    Questionnaire designer with attributes and rating scales
    Open ended questions with mandatory input classification
    Questionnaire designed by respondent category
    Respondents set by Admin, Manager or even employee
    Process scheduler with start & end dates
    Employees can give self feedback
    Customizable post feedback reports
    Admin tools for monitoring completion status
    Other Hygiene Factors Must Haves
    Audit Trail to capture any changes to configuration or feedback
    Reports on feedback, questions answered and completion status
    EMail Notifications and reminders
    Flexible configurations to cater to different use cases
    Easy Setup & Zero User Training needed
    Openness to post feedback report customizations

    If any tool meets more than 80% of these needs, then you have got a potential match.

    Without getting swayed by website claims, sales talk or marketing videos, you must evaluate based on a live demonstration or a free trial to see how these features are in play.

    Here is a short guide on Best Practices for Free Trial that you can also refer to, to check you have all your grounds covered.

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