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    Outdated & Ineffective Current System

    “1. Our Current System does not have the comprehensive Performance Management module that we are looking for.

    2. Our Current System is very complicated and employees don’t like using it.

    3. Our Current system doesn’t support our process fully.

    4. Our Current System does not have any engagement options.”


    Do any of the above statements resonate with you? If yes, then look no further. GroSum brings to the table just what you want from your performance management system.


    Find out what GroSum can do for you!!

    Goal & OKRs Feature 1Process Flexibility

    Have a process that your existing system can’t accommodate? Your worries end with GroSum.


    • Configure your process flow in GroSum to adapt to your process simply by the toggle of a button.
    • Choose who will be involved in each stage of the performance review.
    • Have multiple reviews run simultaneously.
    • Choose your ideal frequency.
    • Plan Developmental Interventions and Trainings based on inputs provided by managers and employees.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 2 Replace Annual Appraisals with Performance Reviews

    Want to replace your existing Annual Appraisals? We suggest, start with Performance Reviews.


    In GroSum you can-


    • Set up Review Cycles with different frequencies – Half-yearly, Quarterly, etc.
    • Set new goals for each of the reviews or continue with the existing ones.
    • Have interim Check-ins, 1:1s with employees and exchange feedback with anyone in the organization.
    • Conduct self-evaluation and evaluation by managers.
    • Highlight performances, identify training needs and recommend employees for promotion.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 3   Employee Engagement

    Engaged employees are the top-performing employees. Why engagement helps you may ask? Well, communication between managers and employees ensure they are on the same page related to the goals all the time, feedback from peers and seniors motivates them to shine.


    With GroSum, you can keep your workforce engaged throughout the year –


    • Check-Ins facilitate the easy updates of performance and progress.
    • Add remarks with different configurable descriptors- wins, challenges, red flags, achievement etc to keep managers informed about employees’ progress.
    • Discuss plans, failures, challenges with managers with the help of our inbuilt 1:1 messenger where the manager can filter conversations based on tags during the review.
    • Seek feedback for oneself or for someone else from anyone in the organization; give feedback to anyone in the organization even anonymously.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 4 Collaborative Goal-Settings

    Goal-Settings is the foundation stage of any performance process. It is the prime determinant of the success of any organization.


    In GroSum-


    • Set goals collaboratively with employees
    • Choose goals from our dedicated goal library, managers can copy their goals to the employees or create both qualitative and measurable goals.
    • Break down each of the goals into subgoals and assign different weights based on priority.
    • Download finalised goal sheet for employees.
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    Goals & OKRs Feature 5   Succession Planning

    GroSum provides you with the tool to conduct effective succession planning.


    With GroSum’s 9-box matrix, you will be able to-


    • Plot the performance vs potential of employees and see where they belong among the 9 buckets.
    • Apply filters based on departments, managers etc, to see the concerned employees’ standing.
    • Download reports for offline planning of useful interventions.
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