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    The CXO Performance Guidance Program

    Business Leaders can get lost in operational rigmarole by having to wear so many hats. Of course, it’s easy to lose sight of land when one is swimming in turbulent waters. This is where GroSum’s CXO Performance Guidance Program fits in – to help reset the compass.


    Incorporating the best practices of continuous performance management, GroSum’s CXO Performance Guidance Program helps the CXO

    1. set OKRs aligned to business priorities,
    2. check-in regularly on performance,
    3. reach out for feedback from colleagues,
    4. evaluate performance & update OKRs


    Boosting performance for over 10 years, GroSum has designed an effective CEO Performance Guidance program incorporating the best practices of feedback and OKRs

    Key Features

    Set objectives with measurable key results, weightages and timelines

    GroSum’s Performance Specialists conducts a 1-on-1 workshop with the CXO to identify key work objectives.


    For each objective, distinct key results that are measurable by clear targets and prioritized by weightage are identified as the parameters for performance.

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    Check-In regularly on performance specific to current objectives

    GroSum’s Performance Team follows up with the CXO for weekly reflection & check-in on the OKRs.


    The CXO can provide inputs on achievements, challenges faced, setbacks encountered and plans for the next steps.

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    Seek feedback from colleagues on specific performance aspects

    The CXO is asked to identify key colleagues who collaborate on each of the OKRs. Based on the check-ins, GroSum Team helps identify critical aspects on which feedback should be sought.


    Identified colleagues are requested for feedback on ratings and open ended questions  with the option to share feedback anonymously.

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    Evaluate performance and update OKRs based on evolving priorities

    At the end of each month, GroSum conducts a self assessment workshop for the CXO to assess progress and rate performance over the past month.


    Also, the CXOs can update OKRs to stop, continue or start new objectives and key results aligned to current business priorities.

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