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    5 Reasons Why

    Goal & OKRs Feature 1Scalability

    You can start with Performance Reviews, Feedback & Check-ins now. 

    As and how you grow, GroSum provides you the platform to conduct multi-cycle appraisals, 360 Feedback, linking performance to compensation planning and more with ready made features to scale.

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    Goals & OKRs Feature 2 Focus

    As a business we are committed to Employee Performance Management. 

    That is the niche vertical we focus on – our platform has evolved based on best practice inclusions from various client engagements and installations.

     Our updates are available free to all customers, thus ensuring the best in class processes are always covered.

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    Goals & OKRs Feature 3   Integrations & Security


    We integrate on Single-Sign Ons, Backend ERP/HRMs with standard available APIs. 

    Our application & data security meets the highest standards of bank audits, thus ensuring your sensitive performance data is safe.

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    Goals & OKRs Feature 4 Support Promise

    We are a Customer Support First organization, with our promise of being there when you need us to drive prompt resolution of customer issues and ease of use.

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    Goals & OKRs Feature 5   Flexibility

    Our solutions can be used both on cloud or on-premise within your server environment and network. 

    Depending on your necessity to control data access, we are flexible to offer the best deployment option.

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