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    Student Feedback Program

    Are you willing to impart quality education?


    Are you open to change?


    Be globally at par with the top practices of education management. Now engage students to give feedback to teachers on the classes being conducted, thus helping you boost the learning experience and deliver the best outcomes.


    Incorporating the best practices of Student Feedback, GroSum’s solution provides a platform for


    1. individual students to give feedback to each teacher,
    2. asking questions pertinent to the classes being conducted,
    3. feedback anonymity,
    4. detailed analysis by feedback giver type or assessment attributes.


    Boosting performance for over 10 years. GroSum has identified & adopted your key needs on Student Feedback to define the following critical commandments of our offering

    Key Features

    Compensation Rewards Feature 1Feedback can be sought from students and even parents

    Each teacher coaches students across all classes whose feedback should be considered.


    With GroSum, any number of Students can be invited to give feedback.

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    Compensation Rewards Feature 2 Seek Feedback on the classes conducted.

    Students can give feedback pertinent to the classes and interactions with their teachers. Seek objective and subjective inputs which give you a clearer perspective on the feedback.


    With GroSum, for each batch of students, different questionnaires can be designed to make Student Feedback relevant and useful.  Attribute ratings, as well as open-ended questions can be designed as part of the questionnaire.

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    Compensation Rewards Feature 3 Feedback can be analyzed in-depth for Teacher’s reflection


    Feedback analysis provides rich and actionable insights to help the teacher improve the online learning experience of the students.


    With GroSum, personalized Feedback reports, and detailed analysis – Johari Window, Greatest & Hidden Strengths, Blind Spots, Development Opportunities, are available out of the box.

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    Take your Online Learning Program to new heights