Scores & Grades

Are you scoring employee performance?

With GroSum, you get various tools for scoring & grading performance of employees

In GroSum,
Set rules for calculating performance scores.

 If you are rating employees on a) professional goals & b) competencies, you can give weightages to each category to calculate overall score.

 Again, if there are multiple reviews in a year, you can set rules for combining scores of each review to overall grade employees.

Normalize performance scores of employees.

 GroSum provides a Normalization tool that allows you to reduce variations in the ratings of managers. 

 Get auto-recommended standardized performance score for employees that you can edit to finalize the scores. 

Grade employees based on overall scores & distribute them across performance buckets.

 Define the rules for grading - relative or absolute.

 Automatic grading of employees and assignment to 9-Box models are also available.

GroSum’s Normalization & grading tools helps you to automatically calculate performance scores, remove bias in review ratings as well as rank employees based on performance.