Performance Reviews

How are you conducting your employee performance appraisals?

Be it single Manager or multi-rater, GroSum is completely flexible to cover your review process workflow.

In GroSum,
Start by designing the Review Form.

 GroSum provides standard Review Form templates - a) KRA Ratings, b) Development, c) Transfer & Promotion and d) Performance Highlights. 

 Design additional sections or customize existing ones as per your specific needs.

 Review Forms can be also set different based on who is providing inputs - Employee or Manager.

Set the workflow for the Review process.

 Be it a sequential process, where Manager reviews after completion of employee's self review; or a parallel process, where Manager & employee can parallelly evaluate, GroSum allows for both the options.

 GroSum also provides a Moderation layer to the review process; where a Department Head or a Senior Executive is assigned as a Moderator to ensure the review is fair and free from personal bias influences.

Allow for Review Acceptance by employees.

 If you want employees to formally sign off the review inputs by the Manager, GroSum provides a Review Acceptance process.

 Employees can have the option to agree / disagree to review inputs.

 In disagreement cases, the review process gets reinitated to the Manager.

Control who sees what when.

 At each stage, GroSum allows you to control who can see what of the review form.

 For example, if you do not want Managers to view employees performance ratings during the appraisal or Employees to view development inputs recommended by Manager during acceptance, such scenarios can be controlled.

GroSum is adequately flexible to automate the end to end workflow of a Performance Review in any organization. That too supported with alerts & reminders.