GroSum provide seamless integration on login and data with with SAP, Windows, Microsoft Dynamics AX and other leading enterprise applications to help Performance Management be automated and fully integrated.


Scope of Integration

GroSum Provides integration for :

AD Single Sign-On :

  • Active Directory integration to automatically sign-on the user based on the AD User ID.

Pull :

  • Organization structure
  • Employee Data
  • Compensation Structure
  • Target & Actual Data related to sales, marketing, and operations

Push :

  • Final Reports & Rating Data
  • Compensation

Types of Integration

A) 3rd Party Web Services

Type: Direct | Synchronous

3rd Party software will expose web services to allow GroSum to fetch data.

GroSum will fetch, map and update data in own database.

Data Format : JSON/XML

Schedule of integration: Hourly | Daily | Weekly

B) GroSum API

Type: Direct | Synchronous

GroSum Provide API for 3rd Party software to call to update data in GroSum.

3rd Party software providers map and send data across in format required for pushing through GroSum API.

Schedule of Integration: Real-time | Hourly | Daily | Weekly

C) Batch File

Type: Indirect | ASynchronous

Batch File generated by 3rd Party Software.

GroSum picks up the batch file, extract transforms and update data in the database.

Files are scheduled and marked by timestamp.

D) Manual Interfaces

Type: Indirect | ASynchronous

GroSum provides an interface for the user to update Target/Actual Data Performance.

GroSum picks up the batch file, extract transforms and update data in the database.

Can provide custom reports to generate SQL queries to update GroSum database with performance data.