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    The Continuous Performance Management Program

    Performance is an ongoing outcome & thus, its management demands to be more real-time and continuous.


    Incorporating the best practices of continuous performance management, GroSum’s solution provides a platform for employees and supervisors to

    1. set OKRs aligned to business priorities,
    2. check-in regularly on performance,
    3. converse specific to OKRs,
    4. reach out for feedback from colleagues,
    5. evaluate performance & update OKRs


    Boosting performance for over 10 years, GroSum has designed an effective Continuous Performance Management program incorporating the best practices of feedback and OKRs

    Key Features

    Set objectives with measurable key results, weightages and timelines

    With GroSum, objectives can be set with distinct key results that are measurable by clear targets and prioritized by weightage to set the parameters for performance.


    The OKRs can also be directly linked to Manager’s objectives that helps in align work and track progress.

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    Check-In regularly on performance specific to current objectives

    With GroSum, employees can regularly check-in on performance on structured tracks to allow reflection and planning for better outcomes.


    The inputs can be given on achievements, challenges faced, setbacks encountered and plans for the next steps.

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    Engage through frank and open 1-on-1 performance conversations

    With GroSum, employees & Managers can converse anytime anywhere specific to OKRs, always available for reference during reflection and evaluation of performance.


    Conversations can be classified by tags as well as marked as read once seen by the recipient.

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    Seek feedback from colleagues on specific performance aspects

    With GroSum, employees can seek feedback from colleagues specific to OKRs, structured by a questionnaire template with ratings and open ended questions.


    Such feedback can be allowed to be given spontaneously, with anonymity, such that employees can tell as they see it.

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    Evaluate performance and update OKRs based on evolving priorities

    With GroSum, employees can assess progress and rate performance with detailed remarks. Managers can also provide ratings and their overall advisory as part of a monthly review.


    Also, OKRs can be updated to stop, continue or start new objectives and key results aligned to current business priorities.

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    Power continuous performance management with GroSum