Security Delivered

GroSum delivers security across the 3 pillars

  • Data Centersare physically protected from unauthorized access, damage, and interference.
  • Databasesecurity addresses data access & storage within the cloud.
  • Applicationsare secured at the function and data level.

Data Centers 

GroSum application & database are hosted with Euro VPS, a world-class Web Hosting service provider. Euro VPS ‘data centers n the EasyNet NL datacenter just outside Amsterdam, and it’s part of the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange). With more than 37Gbps of network capacity, using 14 network carriers, Euro VPS is able to give exceptional speeds to users worldwide.


GroSum makes your data secure & available by adopting -.

  • Data encryption: We have adopted 2-way Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption to secure data.
  • Backup and restore: We run full data backups every alternate day. This data is available for rapid reimplementation and system restores if the original data becomes corrupt.


GroSum applications are written in Java and adhere to the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) specification. With a single software code base, GroSum can ensure security through continuous software testing, since every customer runs the same version of the code.

  • Protect applications from insider threats-Using open standards (HTML and JavaScript) ensure that applications do not require any changes or special permissions on a user’s desktop.
  • Avoid risky plug-ins and downloadsthat can cause viruses or other threats, by using browser-based administrative functions such as password resets.
  • Protect against improper loginsby requiring user logins each time the application is opened and by using automatic logouts after thirty minutes.