Performance Improvement

Open communication

With GroSum, John & his supervisors get an opportunity to openly communicate many times through the year – from setting goals, deciding 360 feedback reviewers, performance evaluation, giving & getting instant feedback; and so on.

By being open minded and encouraging John to express his ideas and perspectives without criticism, his supervisors give John the confidence that his needs are respected and thus helps him build trust in them.

Setting clear goals and expectations

John & his colleagues want to be a part of a compelling future, know what is most important at work & how excellence is defined. For goals to be meaningful to motivate employees, John’s performance measures must be tied to overall company objectives.

With GroSum, John sets his measures from a department pre-set knowing what he has to deliver on & how thesy are measured.

Unbiased Incentives

With GroSum, increments & bonuses are matched to John’s accountability and results.

John’s supervisors know that incentives must be allocated based on objective criteria and that John & his colleagues are uniquely motivated by different things.

Immediate feedback

With GroSum, John can give & get feedback instantly. It is a great opportunity to share opinions and find solutions.

Also, it’s a good platform for recognition – a pat on the back that can go a long way toward boosting morale.
For if John knows what he is doing well, he’ll keep doing it – or, even better, do more of it.

Fairness & Justice

By knowing that his performance will be objectively evaluated through a transparent & collaborative review mechanism, John builds trust in his company’s sense of fairness & that he will be taken care of.

This is what makes him happier and want to do his best.