Goal Setting

How do you set performance goals for your employees?

Be it Google OKR, Balanced scorecard or any custom framework to set performance goals, GroSum helps you set personalized objectives and key results for your employees.

In GroSum,
Start with your chosen goals framework – Balanced Scorecard, Google OKRs, etc.

 GroSum supports leading frameworks like Balanced Scorecard, Google OKRs etc. 

 Also, it is flexible to adapt to any custom framework that you maybe using based on goal categories and perspectives.

Goals can be subjective/measurable.

 Subjective goals are typically evaluated qualitatively i.e. through open ended comments and/or a rating from a scale.

 Measurable goals have set targets and rated against actual achievements.

Goal templates can be preset for employee roles/profiles.

 Based on KRAs of employee roles, goal templates can be defined that get automatically assigned when an employee is assigned the role.

 Goals can be weighted to prioritize the importance of work goals for the employee.

Goal setting can be a top-down or collaborative process.

 Based on organizational targets, drill down goals can be set for employees. In this case, the employee does not have much say in the goal setting process.

 In a collaborative process, employees & managers can choose goals from a library & assign weightages. Based on mutual agreement, the goals can be signed off.

Goals can be set not only for employees but for departments & organization.

 Employee's performance can also be linked to organization & departmental overall performance.

 For such goals, the rating is not employee specific but specific to the department or organization.

Whatever be the goal-setting process in your company – be it collaborative or centrally controlled, GroSum has the solution ready to support you.

We understand that flexibility is key here & thus, GroSum provides the facility to allow future alterations up to the time when Review actually starts.