Employee Engagement

Trust-Based Relationship with supervisors

With GroSum, John gets the opportunity to collaboratively set his performance measures with his supervisors. The process is transparent where John gets to have the first stab at setting his measures. Once he signs off, John’s supervisors review these measures, make changes if any and finally signs off in collaboration with John.

Next, at the time of Performance review, John starts off with self-assessment of his performance. On completion of his Manager’s review & moderation, John finally gets another chance to express his opinion & confirm agreement with his final review outcomes.

This entire exercise based on collaboration & transparency gives the John the confidence to trust his supervisors – something, so critical to building strong relationships & feel comfortable to do one’s best.

Belief in senior leadership

With GroSum, the senior leadership of John’s company gets the opportunity to showcase commitment to transparency in how performance is reviewed & rewarded and establish clarity in the company’s goals & identity.

By making available a pre-set of department-specific performance measures to its employees,
John gets a clear message on the company’s goal clarity and the performance areas that he needs to focus on.

Similarly, by establishing a transparent process of collaborative review between John & his supervisors, John gets the confidence that his company’s senior leaders are committed to offering a level playing field.

This builds John’s respect & belief towards his company’s leadership – a vital factor towards making him want to belong & perform his best.

Pride in working for the company

With GroSum, John gets to set his performance measures that are derived from the company’s overall goals & identity.

By knowing his role & what his contribution can be to the success of the company, John realizes how he is important too and can impact the company’s performance on his own.

This builds in John a sense of pride & belonging in working for the company and doing his best.