Continuous Checkins & Feedback

How often are you engaging in employee performance?

Be it anytime feedback or one-on-one check-ins with Managers, GroSum helps your employees be regularly engaged on their performance.

In GroSum,
Instant Feedback allows employees to give or request for feedback to/from colleagues at any time.

 Feedback can be open ended or based on specific pre-defined templates to provide feedback on skills or work outcomes. 

 Lets people give feedback anonymously to ensure that there is unfiltered expression of feedback

Feedback can be tagged to work goals.

 Giving feedback referenced to a KRA of an employee helps understand the context of the feedback.

 Further, at the time of annual reviews of employee's work goals, these feedback are automatically available to be referred to.

Check-ins help Managers & employees to have regular conversations on performance.

 A checkin can happen anytime an employee/Manager wants to put in a note on the employee's performance.

 Checkins can also be tagged to work goals and special tags like achievement, red flag etc.

With GroSum you get to build a continuous feedback based work culture while providing linkages to individual’s work goals, such that there is improved employee engagement & organization alignment.