How are you analyzing all the employee performance data?

With GroSum Analytics, you can make sense of all performance data – drill down, analyze & compare employee performance, supported by graphs & excel downloadable formats.

In GroSum,
Analyze performance – slice & dice the data.

 GroSum provides interactive dashboards that allows you to compare & track performance.

 Performance can be analyzed by overall scores, work goal wise or even by Manager.

Get actionable insights

 GroSum provides 9 Box model analysis based on employee performance & potential.

 Employee–wise insights on one’s greatest strengths, development opportunities, hidden strengths and blindspots.

Download complete set of canned reports on employee performance

 All performance data available in excel downloadable formats.

 Standard reports available on Performance Ratings, Development opportunities, Promotion recommendations, Overall Grades, Feedback, Increment & Bonus Payouts etc.

With GroSum’s 360˚ feedback, you can get a complete 360˚ view from not only within the company but also get critical inputs from external stakeholders. All of this automated to happen seamlessly without much hassle to organize.