Scheduling, Alerts & Notifications

Are you still following up with employees to complete their reviews?

Through a system of email alerts, tool notifications & reminders, GroSum helps you schedule the review process & automate the followups – a much needed headache relief for HR

In GroSum,
Schedule your review processes and tasks.

 Scheduling can be based on planned timeframes or automated rules.
 You can set start & end dates for each of the review processes; i.e. Goal Setting, Review etc.

 Automated email alerts & tool notifications are generated based on the scheduled dates for the process.

Design email templates for the various email alerts & notifications.

 Customize the email messages that you want to be sent out for each review process.

 Such alerts are triggered when the review process starts or due. Also, when employees are signing off and Managers are notified.

Reminders are automatically sent out – No more manual followups.

 Based on the various task completion status, automated reminder email alerts are sent out to employees.

 Such reminders can be set by rules - when should reminder start going from, how frequently should be reminders be sent, etc.

Typically, a major chunk of HR’s time gets used up in intimating, following up & reminding employees to complete their review tasks on time.

By automating alerts & reminders, GroSum helps to free up a lot of time for HR that can now be spent in more value added interventions during the review process.