Key Features

GroSum’s employee performance management software provides best tools for employee appraisals, feedback and compensation .


GroSum supports any framework for setting employee work goals.
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Real Time Engagement with employees, colleagues & Managers through checkins & instant feedback.
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Design review forms, flexible workflows, conduct multi rater appraisals, review acceptance and access control.
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360° Feedback

Conduct 360° Feedback programs with detailed personalized analysis for employees- Johari window.
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Grade & Score

Get tools to score performance, normalize Managers' ratings & grade employees.
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Review Letters

Be it Appraisal, Promotion, Increment or Bonus letter, design & issue post review official letters to employees.
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Get tools to plan salary increments and bonus payouts based on employee performance.
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Make sense of all performance data – drill down & compare employee performance, including 9 Box analysis
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GroSum?

GroSum is a new age employee engagement platform which automates the Performance Management process. It enables continuous feedbacks on goals, set up flexible review cycles and do compensation planning.

GroSum builds comprehensive performance review data for every single employee using Instant Feedback, check-ins, comments on performance measure, inputs on training and development needs.

For the HR, GroSum can create personalize Performance Reviews at scale, save time on manual tasks, and focus on training-development plans, compensation planning and succession planning. GroSum is available on mobile too.

How reliable is GroSum Support?

Multichannel support ensuring high quality customer service & satisfaction – We are your business partner in the truest sense.

Ticket Tracking System – Dedicated Support Portal to raise support tickets & track for timely resolution.

End User Reference Guides & Take a Tours – Reference Guides & On Screen Take a Tours help users quickly understand the workflow & the capabilities of the solution.

More on GroSum’s Support.

How secure is customer data?

Application security compliant with OWASP 2015 Security Risks.

2-way Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption to secure your confidential Data.

HTTPS protocol enabled for secure data exchange
Data Centers in Europe, physically protected from unauthorized access, damage, and interference.

More on GroSum’s Security.

How is GroSum different from conventional performance management module in HRMS?

Standard Performance Management module has ‘one shoe fits all’ approach. Our experience says Performance Management is unique to every organization. So why not create a product that suits everyone’s needs? GroSum is flexible to configure any Performance Management process in minutes, be it Balance Scorecard, OKRs, KRAs etc. This coupled with a focus on feedback helps companies to have Performance Management process customized to your needs.

You can integrate existing HRMS or ERP system with GroSum for input-output of data.

What is Instant Feedback?

Giving feedback or getting feedback on the go is done with Instant Feedback. When employees are giving feedback, they can give it to anyone within the organization, tag their Performance Measures. People can request feedback about themselves or on someone else from people.

Feedback generated in GroSum is related to goals and competencies. Every employee has their own repository with all feedback from all respondents.

At end of every review cycles, feedbacks get automatically attached to employee’s review forms, to every performance measure. This helps to have a complete view of an employee’s performance in the past months, removing any biases.

What is Check-ins?

Check-ins are a continuous conversation between employee and manager on Performance Measures. They can be accessed at any time in a review cycle.

Every conversation in check-ins are on employee’s objectives, and it can be associated with tag – plan, achievement, challenge, or a red flag.

With Check-ins managers and employees can create notes for themselves on performance measures. These conversations, notes are helpful at the quarterly/half yearly./annual review meetings.

How flexible is the Performance Review?

Performance Review in GroSum is flexible to meet the need of every organization. As a Performance Management Manager, you can:

  • Create Balance Scorecard/OKR/KRAs or your own performance metric to set up in the system.
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Annual Review Cycle
  • Customized Review Flow: Want to have multiple managers in a review? Or a Business Unit head reviewing the final scores?
  • GroSum supports Performance Reviews Configuration up to 30 different combinations.

    Can I run multiple reviews?

    Yes! Absolutely. We understand that you might want to run different reviews for different departments, or for different group of companies. You can run multiple reviews, with their own unique configuration, email preferences, reporting.

    What is One Touch Goal Template?

    In GroSum, you can group a combination of Performance Measures (Goals/Competencies/OKR/KRA) specific to employee role in a one-click template. During Objective Setting exercise, with the help of one click, all performance measure related to an employee’s role is visible.

    This helps to save time during objective setting exercise, and also helps the employee and manager to understand expectations related to the employee’s role.

    What is Plan & Schedule?

    You can plan and schedule review tasks. For example

    • Set timeline for Goal Setting
    • Set timeline for Self Review, Manager Review, Moderator Review
    • Set time for increment and bonus recommendations by managers

    Does the product offer compensation management?

    GroSum’s compensation module lets you set a budget for different locations, teams. You can set managers to recommend increment and bonus. Once the workflow is decided, managers/business unit heads can recommend increments within the allocated budget.

    It comes to the compensation controller to approve increments. Grosum also shows real-time budget use, employee performance, mid-market salary, and an auto recommendation to make the process easier, hassle-free for you.

    Do you have any tool to generate Review Letters?

    Review Letters is an inbuilt tool in GroSum, which helps you to create review letters for Performance Review, Performance Review + Increment, Increment etc. Once the Review Letter content (like Mail Merge) is created, you can put employees in different groups. Dynamically all data related to employees will be generated and personalized review letters will be created. With one click, all review letters will automatically go everyone’s email.

    What kind of reports I can generate from the system?

    You can download reports related to Employee’s Overall performance, individual goals, development plans, promotion recommendation.

    Does GroSum provide Analytics?

    GroSum analytics help you to do succession planning, plan training development program, find out hidden strengths, blind spots for employees. Analytics is available at manager level, Business Unit head level.

    Do you offer a 360 Degree Feedback Platform?

    Yes, we do have a 360 Degree Feedback platform. The platform is customized for the type of questions that can be set, type of rating scales, email notifications and a personalized report for every employee. The platform can be used independently and is perfect for mid and senior level management.

    I want to run a quarterly review. Is that possible?

    Yes, with GroSum you can configure to run monthly, quarterly, half-yearly reviews.

    I want my employees to continuously engage with their managers. How will you help?

    Check-ins can be used by employees to engage with their managers. The engagement will be on their goals. These conversations can be about achievement, plans, challenge or a red flag. The conversation can be initiated by the employee or the manager and can be done at any time.

    My organization’s culture is new to the concept of continuous feedback. How can GroSum help us here?

    People in GroSum can use Instant Feedback to give feedback to anyone in the organization or get feedback from anyone. Instant Feedback can be accessed at any time and is not dependent on any review process. Employees also do have the option of giving feedback as anonymous.

    Apart from feedback, can manager and employees have a real-time update on Performance Measures?

    Yes! GroSum’s task management, helps employees update their goal progress on regular basis. The updates are available to managers on a real-time basis.

    For every goal, people can ask for feedback, from their colleagues.

    Managers can also create a goal for a team to achieve and see the progress in real time.

    But will the data from continuous feedback visible in Review forms?

    Instant Feedback, check-ins all get, file uploads, comments get attached to Performance Review forms. All the data helps to make the formal review more interactive and not a form filling exercise. Employee Development plans can be formed based on interaction over the past 3/6 months.

    What about email notifications? Are they automatic?

    For every task in GroSum, there are automatic email notifications. The body of these emails can be edited by the tool administrator. You can also days for reminder alerts: how many days before you want the mail to go and how frequently the mail should go.

    Can Managers recommend Training and Development Programs?

    Every review form has a training and development section. Managers can recommend training and development program to be carried out during the objective setting or manager evaluation stage. The training program recommendation can be tagged to a Performance Measure.

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